We worship each Sunday at 9:30 AM.  Our service is mostly traditional with many innovative and interactive elements.  We value music and appreciate a variety of music, as traditional hymns anchor us to historic faith and contemporary music invites us to experience the presence of the spirit of God.   Our pastor draws on both scholarship and story telling in her preaching, and invites us each week to take steps to walk in the path of love and faithfulness, in whatever setting our life takes us the rest of the week.  Often our service connects with current events and calls us to understand deeper actions we can take to work toward justice and peace.

We are a comfortable church, and you will be welcome whether you arrive in jeans or in a suit.   Kids are welcome in worship.   Most choose to stay in worship with their parents for the first section of the service, and then head to Sunday school and the nursery after a story and conversation with the pastor.   At the end of the service, we all gather in a circle to connect one more time, and to be blessed on our way as we leave to continue our worship by serving God in the world.