Children and Youth

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Children and youth are an important part of our community.  As such, they are included in almost everything we do, and we also have some special programming to meet their needs.

On Sunday mornings, we provide a warm and loving environment for our youngest kids in our nursery.  They experience the love of God through the gentle guidance of trained caregivers, and most Sundays are able to get out the wiggles on our large playground.   We also provide rocking chairs in the sanctuary for nurslings and their parents, and welcome babies to stay in worship as long as their parents prefer.

Church school is provided for elementary aged children, where they have a chance to explore the story of the day in age appropriate ways, and to imagine ways the Biblical story might speak to their lives.

Youth are invited to remain in worship, but a separate program is available for them to learn and grow in community in a youth group led by our pastor.   Additionally, in middle school youth are invited to participate in a one year confirmation class, where they have a chance to explore their faith in depth.