You might have some questions about what we stand for.  You’re in good company.  The name Christian means a lot of things, and each church is a little different.  There are some things we think are central to living as people of faith.  Together we are called to love, grow and serve:

  • We respond to God’s call to live in loving relationships by practicing inclusive hospitality and by building a community where everyone belongs. We value all the unique ways God has created us to be. No matter who you are or where you are on the journey, you’re welcome here.
  • We value questions and new ideas and the people who bring them. We seek to learn and grow together in worship, fellowship, classes, and service opportunities. Try out one of our classes and see how God might be inviting you into new understandings.
  • We put our faith into action through our commitment to compassion and justice. As individuals and as a congregation, we address need and challenges of inequality in our community and around the world. Serve with us as we feed the hungry, or as we join others to advance social and environmental justice.

We are an Open and Affirming church, which means we believe that God has created all of us in delightfully diverse ways, all of them in God’s image, and so we celebrate our varied gender identities, sexual orientations, theological viewpoints, and physical and mental abilities.  If you’ve been told somewhere else that there was something about you God couldn’t love, know that you will be celebrated and embraced here.